All the trustees are fully involved in the running of the Trust and each has taken on specific responsibilities. The trust is named after the daughter of two of the trustees who was stillborn in 2012.




Shelley knows firsthand how having the right information and support can help when your whole world seems to be falling apart. As a qualified childcare practitioner she has always worked closely with parents and children and has a caring and supportive nature. Shelley co-ordinates the support section of the Trust’s work looking after the private messages and working to find the most suitable support for parents. 




Jayne experienced the stillbirth of her second child some thirty years ago when her daughter Joanna was delivered at 34 weeks.  She has been a Humanist Celebrant since 2009 and first met Shelley and Colin in 2012 when she worked with them to create the funeral ceremony for Ivy. Jayne can offer practical support to parents who are coping with making difficult arrangements at this sad time whatever their beliefs. 




Colin is a chef at a top local restaurant and although at the moment he doesn’t get involved with the day to day running of the Trust he helps with the fundraising in any way he can and provides a father’s viewpoint on matters that come up for consideration.