Once we realised that we would be able to provide Loveridge Ward with more than our original aim to purchase a bed for fathers our first project was to refurbish a room on the ward to provide a more comfortable space for parents to be together when a pregnancy does not progress as had hoped.

 We were honoured to have the room renamed ‘The Ivy Room’. It allows parents more privacy and a place where they can spend time with family and friends making memories together. The room is available for any parents from the first indications that things are not well until after the delivery when they can continue to spend time with their baby.

The room provides families with a self contained space which has a small fridge ,a microwave and a coffee/tea machine to enable parents to remain in the room instead of having to use the communal kitchen area . We provide beverage and snack baskets and are always open to suggestions for other ways to make the room more comfortable.

We also provide a range of items for parents who have not had time to go home before using the room including toiletries, towels, slippers and dressing gowns.