Who we are.

The Ivy Trust was started in 2013 by trustees Shelley & Colin Samson and Jayne White. Although the initial aim was to simply raise a small amount to purchase a bed for fathers to use on Loveridge Ward it soon became clear that there was great support for a stillbirth bereavement charity. The trust was formed to continue to raise funds to support parents and professionals and also with the aim of raising awareness of baby loss.

If you'd like to contact the trust directly, please email us here.


Shelley Samson

The charity is named after Colin and Shelley's daughter. Ivy was stillborn in April 2012, since then they have dedicated themselves to helping others with the grief and sadness that such a situation bears.
Shelley is the first point of contact for parents who have experienced a stillbirth or the death of a baby.


Colin Samson

Colin is a very well known top chef on the island.

His role as a trustee is driven by his wish to know that bereaved families receive the best possible care. He provides an important fathers viewpoint when considering what the trust can do to support bereaved parents.

Colin helps with fundraising when he can and in particular he uses his chef’s skills for our “Come Dine For Ivy” event.

JAYNE-HERO copy.jpg


Jayne is a Humanist celebrant and first met Shelley and Colin when she conducted Ivy’s funeral in 2012.
Jayne’s own daughter Joanna was stillborn in 1983 and this led to the decision to fundraise together.

Jayne has a strong financial background and this has been a integral part of growing the trust into what it has become today.

Chloe Cropped.jpg


Chloe is an experienced marketer and joined the Ivy Trust in early 2018 with the launch of Ivy Hearts aiming to improve the information provided on miscarriage and increase the awareness island wide. Chloe is helping the Ivy Trust’s media outreach, web admin and organisation of the miscarriage bags.

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KATE kellaway

Kate approached the trust for support in 2017 after experiencing a miscarriage. At that time the Trust was active with support of later losses and Kate joined them to take the support for parents suffering miscarriage on the island forward.


Tanya goubert

Tanya has been involved with various charitable causes for many years and is a volunteer crew member of the St John Ambulance team. 
As the accountant for the Ambulance Station she is also perfect to offer the Trust her services as treasurer.